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AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, automotive SPICE – we develop embedded software for your vehicle!


Automobiles were originally designed to get their passengers from A to B. Nowadays, cars have evolved into highly complex systems using the most innovative and sophisticated technologies. Camera systems with 360° panoramic view allowing a top view of the car to support collision mitigation, driver assistance like lane departure warning systems or adaptive cruise control, or even autonomous driving. All of these use cases are already available features, turning the car into a computer network on wheels.

Urban, safe, and green – those are the big automotive challenges of the future, new technologies have to be brought out on the streets to enhance the driving experience even more.

The requirements in the automotive business especially with regard to quality and time-to-market are very high. Only companies with extensive experience can compete in a market where complex technologies have to be adopted so quickly. They need competent long-term partners who know this market with all its intricacies to be successfull. We at conplement embedded can draw upon our excellent know-how in embedded engineering to provide solutions for your automotive applications. Our deep understanding of the interaction between hardware and software allows us to offer you perfect solutions for complex automotive components at reasonable prices.

Our staff can rely on extensive experience in software development for electronic control units (ECU) in automotive applications to support you throughout the whole life cycle of your ECU software. In various projects conplement embedded has proven itself as a dependable partner for specification and implementation of highly optimized standard software components as well as for specification, implementation, and integration of ECU software.