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The health business is constantly growing while modern medicine relies more and more on electronic devices. The permanent evolution of medical products leads to increasingly complex technical systems. To stay ahead of the global competition market leaders have to develop innovative and top-quality products shifting their focus further towards research and development.

While the latest medical applications and devices employ highly complex technologies, they still have to integrate perfectly with existing medical infrastructure and associated health care procedures. Thus we have seen a significantly increasing demand for embedded software in medical applications in recent years. Surgical laser systems, infusion pumps, glucose meters, CTs, and MRTs are only a few examples. However, they all have one rule in common: safety and reliability are essential requirements for software in medical applications.

Software development in the medical field is based on modern software development methods like model-driven development, a process oriented development approach, for example in accordance with ISO 62304, as well as international specifications, regulations, and guidelines.

Medical technology requires comprehensive knowledge of current and future embedded system technology. This includes know-how in model-driven development of complex and safety critical real-time software, in bus systems, HMIs, sensor and network communications, and even in app development for iOS, Android, and Windows.

In addition, integration with medical infrastructure requires a thorough understanding of medical standards and procedures in health care.

conplement embedded is your partner in embedded software development for the whole development process, from the first specification to the delivery of the final product. We support our customers in development projects on-site and even take on entire projects.

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