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AUTOSAR - AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture

AUTOSAR is the expedient answer to the increasing complexity of controller development as it facilitates the reuse of software components in different control units as well as the transfer of a component from one ECU to another. To this purpose a global standard for unified software architecture, application interfaces, and development methods for ECUs was established.

One basic principle of AUTOSAR is the separation between ECU specific basic software and ECU independent application software. These components are connected through the Virtual Function Bus. This bus is realized in the AUTOSAR runtime environment which implements the interfaces using communication ports.

conplement embedded has developed projects based on both AUTOSAR 3.1 and AUTOSAR 4.0 taking on the following tasks:

  • development and integration of SWCs
  • configuration and generation of AUTOSAR basic software and AUTOSAR RTE using different AUTOSAR toolchains (e.g. Tresos and Geny)
  • configuration of service layers with the OS
  • configuration of ECU abstraction layers
  • development of complex device drivers (e.g. PWM control)
  • configuration of the MCAL
  • integration and test on different platforms
  • model-based development of various controller components in different automotive domains (e.g. battery management, comfort, lighting systems, driver assistance)
  • conceptual design and development of boot loaders and boot loader updates
  • integration of diagnostic services
  • integration of an entire software system of SWCs, the AUTOSAR BSW, and a flash boot loader

Due to our multifaceted experience in projects with OEMs and TIER1s conplement embedded is the ideal partner for sophisticated AUTOSAR development projects.

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