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Embedded HMI

Nowadays, HMIs play a crucial role in the success of a product. Therefore, our customers expect an excellent HMI for their devices even on the smallest platforms with reduced processing power and limited memory resources.

An HMI consists of two main components:
  • View - the visible parts of the HMI
    This includes images, fonts, animations, or even entire skins and languages.
  • Business logic – the logic behind the view
    The business logic comprises the application logic and the view logic. The application logic defines the interaction with the user (e.g. how to change the channel on the radio). The view logic takes care of startup, progression, and prioritization of animations.

What does the perfect user interface look like?
  • Appealing look & feel and optimal usability
    Alpha blending, touch input, speech recognition, skinning, anti-aliasing, 3D, snapshot, layering, distortion … just to name a few important keywords for HMI design.
  • High performance graphics at low cost
    Sophisticated techniques are employed to achieve this goal, for example dirty rectangles to reduce the number of display updates or the usage of scalers, rotation engines, bit blit, and DMA for a more economic utilization of hardware resources.
    An instrument cluster with an analog tachometer display is a showcase for the necessity of high performance graphics. The frame rate has to reach the refresh rate of the display and/or a blurring effect has to be added to create the illusion of a perfectly rotating pointer.
  • Consistently model-based development
    Only a consistently model-based development process, from design tool to source code, can guarantee the successfull realization of the perfect user interface.

conplement embedded looks back on numerous successfull projects developing and integrating embedded HMIs on different platforms. With this wealth of experience we are the ideal partner for embedded HMI development projects.
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