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TV tuner

  • Tier 1, Automotive
  • Development of a software platform for TV tuners in different vehicle models


Development of two TV tuner variants for the asian market based on T-DMB (terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting), an extension of DAB for the transmission of audio-visual content.

  • SPI driver development for interprocess communication, requiring low-level adjustments of the Windocs CE operating system
  • LVDS driver development with HDCP encrytion for digital video output
  • Design and implementation of the on-screen display

  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
  • Marvell 32bit high end multimedia processor, MOST interface
  • Separate communications processor and LVDS micro controller
  • Windows CE 6.0 Platform Builder, Visual Studio Team System 20008, XDB hardware debugger, Optolyzer, SVN

  • SPI driver for interprocess communications
    • Implementation of base architecture: driver DLL, interrupt service thread (IST), and interrupt service routine (ISR) in OEM layer
    • In the OEM layer the DLL contains an interface with the operating system for driver initalization and data transmission. To send and receive data SPI registers trigger the ISR, which in turn communicates with the DLL using a shared memory buffer. Windows Message Queues are used for the transmission of incoming and outgoing data packages to the application layer.
    • Design and implementation of driver DLL to access SPI layer from app memory
    • Implementation of interface protocol with transmission rates of ca. 8Mbit/s
  • Digital LVDS (low voltage differential signal) video output
    • Development of a serial communication interface with the LVDS controller
    • Implementation of diagnostic services for the controller (e.g. spread spectrums)
  • OSD (on-screen display)
    • Design and implementation of OSD to show menus and warnings on top of the TV frame.
    • Design of a clearly laid out and easily expandable menu and class structure
    • Implementation of a high performance mechanism for the superimposition of menus (menu has to be redrawn with every new frame) to achieve an undisturbed display and a smooth handling.
    • Based on DirectX and double buffering technique.

The high level of innovation and the narrow timeframe were the biggest challenges in this project. However, with our excellent and well-cooperating team of experts conplement embedded proved to be an ideal partner for software development.

Our extensive expertise in development platforms allowed us to develop a complex and robust driver quickly and cost-effectively and to provide profound consulting. conplement embedded also made sure that the developed components met the high quality standards of the automotive industry and would remain expandable and reusable for follow-up projects.
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